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Name – Burgess
Nickname – Burge
Age – 2 1/2 Years
Breed – Chocolate Lab + Doberman Pinscher
Personality – Protective
Loves – Chasing Squirrels

We adopted Burgess from Animal House Shelter in Huntley about 2 years ago.  Our hearts were mending from a broken heart from our previous dog that passed away and 6 months went by and we felt there was just something missing in our lives.  We knew we wanted to adopt again and we visited a few shelters but just didn’t click with any of the dogs.  Then we went to Animal House to meet a different dog but they showed us Burgess instead who instantly jumped up on my husband to give him kisses!  I think it was love at first sight for all of us.

Turns out that with most shelter dogs, Burgess was a little sick so it took us about 6 months to bring him back to full health with a lot of patience and love. Now Burgess loves chasing tennis balls in the yard and loves to play fetch and just run around.  He’s not so good with the leash walks so we usually just play in the backyard which is fine with us!  We took him to the lake this year and found out that he loves to swim with our 2 kids. I probably took as many pictures of him than I did of my kids.  He had this look of pure joy on his face.

Burgess is a unique mix of chocolate lab and Doberman.  Which means he’s lovable and very protective of his family.  He has a brown coat with golden highlights that make him beautiful to look at!  He loves to smile, even though some people think it’s a mean look, he’s actually smiling at you.  I truly think he believes he’s a human often choosing to sit and lay on the couches or my favorite chair.  His love of humans is apparent as he has to be in the same room with us at all times.  He makes me happy and our home complete!