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Name – Gizmo
Nickname – Gizmosis
Age – 4 Years
Breed – Brussels Griffon + Shih Tzu
Personality – Diva
Loves – Belly Rubs

"When we first laid eyes on this shaggy dirt colored, snaggled toothed, ewok-like creature, we knew she was the one. Gizmo is a rescue from a puppy mill in Missouri. On her first visit to the vet, we found out that she had recently given birth and was still lactating. Just by looking at her, you could tell she was malnourished and neglected. Imagining what this poor animal had been through, we made a promise to give her the happiest dog life filled with lots of treats, toys and love.

After several months of getting accustomed to her forever home, Gizmo's true personality began to shine through. Turns out she is a silly and smart dog. Often, you can find her lying upside down and smiling while demanding a belly rub. She shakes with both paws, gives high fives, and will sneeze in your face with no apology. If you give Giz treats, she will become your new bestie. 

Beyond her loving qualities, she is a loyal companion and protective watch dog. People who meet her think she is a boy because of her mustache and her hearty bark. Her "Girl" Bog Tag™ tells everyone that she is a girl and recognizes her for the diva that she is. Through all the bad she has gone through, Gizmo has opened her heart to trust again, which is the gift she has given us."

Love, Katy
Gizmo's Owner